How much is a 1u server?!
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A 1U server is a horizontal server that occupies one unit of space when it is mounted on a pedestal or rackmount server frame. It is shaped just like a pizza box and is made up of a core processor, memory slots, storage, interfaces, and ports.

1u Server is used in:

The 1U server system factor is generally used in enterprise server and data centers environments where several 1U server units can be mounted on a single server framework. A rack mount server is designed to match up to a server's physical dimensions as well as how it is assembled or fitted with a server case. The U characterizes a number of entities, meaning that 1U occupies one unit of space in the server frame. In the server chassis designs and servers used in them, 1U is equal to 1.7 inches high, 19 inches wide as well as 17.7 inches deep.

The cost of 1u Server:

The 1U server cost depends on several factors such as a processor, memory, storage, power and many other factors. The cost gets higher as the storage capacity increases and the type of the processor used in the in win as well as less power it consumes.

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